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We offer complete reconditioning of turning, milling, grinding (clylindrical grinding and surface grinding) and drilling machines (radial drill and column / pillar drilling) of various reputed Indian brands such as HMT, BFW and Kirloskar and imported brands such as Cincinnati, Fritz Werner, Raboma, WMW, etc.


In the process of reconditioning, we completely strip down the machine to skeletal level and then carry out the following processes:


  • Dismantling of the machine, sub-systems and through cleaning of all parts.

  • Inspection to identify and decide on the parts to be changed.

  • Grinding and scraping of all axes to restore geometrical alignment and accuracies. We also have a facility for slideway grinding whrein the bed / bas of the table can be ground for better accuracy. 

  • Suiting of gibs.

  • Picturing of slides wherever necessary.

  • Replacement of worn out parts identified such as screw rods, shafts, gears, bearings, clutches, telescopic brushes etc.

  • Pre-assembling of parts.

  • Re-assembly of machine.

  • Electrical assembly / repairs including re-designing the electrical panel and re-wiring. 

  • Checking of geometrical alignments.

  • Paining of the machine as per the customer requirements.




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