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Keyless Drill Chucks

"STRIBECK" Keyless Drill Chucks are very accurate, strong and wear resistant.


Some salient features of our keyless chucks are:


  1. Self tightening and self gripping.

  2. Designed for high accuracy and provide extra holding power.

  3. Automatic retightening commensurate with cutting pressure.

  4. All parts are fully hardened & ground to provide longer life and ensure Maximum accuracy.

  5. "STRIBECK" Keyless Drill Chucks are handy in size.

  6. All cylindrical guide ways, surfaces, and hardened parts are ground.

  7. Built in ball bearing - protected against dust.

  8. Positive jaw guide knurled ring and knurled nose guide for easy gripping.

  9. High precision.

  10. True running.

  11. Easy to operate.

Application: Jig boring machines, CNC machines, Milling Machines, Turning machines, Radial / pillar type drilling machines,



1/4" (0 to 6mm) with MT1/MT2 taper shank

1/2" (1 to 13mm) with MT2/MT3 taper shank


Also available in ISO / BT and R8 tapers

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