STRIBECK Gear Hobbing / Gear Grinding Revolving Centre

STRIBECK Precision Gear Hobbing Centres / Gear Grinding Revolving Centres are designed toInternational standards


  1. Precision bearings are used to ensure accuracy and long life

  2. Designed to take axial and radial load during gear cutting and gear hobbing

  3. Extended bullet length to ensure good clearance during the use of hobs and gear cutters

  4. Concentricity of bullet nose with respect to the taper is maintained within 0.005mm TIR

  5. Designed with a small body to ensure further clearance

  6. The bearings are fully sealed and lubricated for life- Centres are suitably heat treated for long life

  7. Available in MT-3, MT-4 or parallel shanks

  8. Centres can also be customised to suit customers requirement

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